Municipal leaders increasingly recognize the role of water/wastewater in urban planning

The relationship between water/wastewater and energy is inseperable

The manufacturing sector is a huge buyer of water/wastewater technologies

Water, and water/wastewater technologies, are at the heart of agriculture

The Inaugural China Blue-tech Awards launching in Spring 2015

Weekly water-nexus news reveals opportunities

Welcome to the Blue Tech Alliance, a non-profit organization focused on supporting our members identify market and investment opportunities in industry sectors where water, or water/wastewater technologies, play a critical role.   In other words, we are a bridge between the so-called "water-industry" and industries such as: energy, agriculture, urban planning, manufacturing, and health.     

Our members are businesses, investors, universities, and organizations who join the Blue Tech Alliance to better understand and capitalize on opportunities in blue-tech. 

Nexus News


Jun 12, 2015

Water/Energy Nexus Hackathon

August event, in conjunction with the Smart H2O Summit in San Francisco and California American Water, will focus on using innovative ways to leverage & improve existing technologies to reduce water and energy use. More.

Nexus Events


The Blue Tech Alliance participates in industry sector events where water, or water/wastewater technologies, are crucial inputs.   Essentially our participation creates opportunities for BTA members to demonstrate expertise and insights 'outside' of the so-called water indsutry.   Recent involvement in agricutlure and energy conferences have delivered value for BTA members.  Upcoming Events

2016 China Blue-tech Awards


The 2016 China Blue-tech Awards (CBTA) connects award-winning technologies with investors and end-users in China. Companies with technologies recognized as CTBA award-winners will immediately be on the radar of Chinese investors and end-users. More