Municipal leaders increasingly recognize the role of water/wastewater in urban planning

The relationship between water/wastewater and energy is inseperable

The manufacturing sector is a huge buyer of water/wastewater technologies

Water, and water/wastewater technologies, are at the heart of agriculture

The Inaugural China Blue-tech Awards launching in Spring 2015

Weekly water-nexus news reveals opportunities

Welcome to the Blue Tech Alliance, a non-profit organization focused on supporting our members identify market and investment opportunities in industry sectors where water, or water/wastewater technologies, play a critical role.   In other words, we are a bridge between the so-called "water-industry" and industries such as: energy, agriculture, urban planning, manufacturing, and health.     

Our members are businesses, investors, universities, and organizations who join the Blue Tech Alliance to better understand and capitalize on opportunities in blue-tech. 

Nexus News


Oct 30, 2014

Gleick Discusses Water Quality, Quantity, Link to Energy Production

Peter Gleick co-founded and leads the Pacific Institute in Oakland, Calif., an independent nongovernmental organization specializing in water, sustainability, and economic and environmental justice. More

Nexus Events


The Blue Tech Alliance participates in industry sector events where water, or water/wastewater technologies, are crucial inputs.   Essentially our participation creates opportunities for BTA members to demonstrate expertise and insights 'outside' of the so-called water indsutry.   Recent involvement in agricutlure and energy conferences have delivered value for BTA members.  Upcoming Events

2015 China Blue-tech Awards


The 2015 China Blue-tech Awards (CBTA) connects award-winning technologies with investors and end-users in China. Companies with technologies recognized as CTBA award-winners will immediately be on the radar of Chinese investors and end-users. More